The Way Things Were and New News

This is cool. The way stories are disseminated and digested has changed. I never thought of it this way, but once something gets posted, it takes on organic characteristics. It doesn’t matter when or where it came from, the information continues to grow and change.

In the past, a writer would research a topic, it would be published, digested, possibly discussed over a cup of coffee, and then we would move on. Not to reinvent any charts, but the process was very linear and finite.

Info Search ==> Format Information ==> Publish ==> Digest ==> Discard.

Now things are rediscovered, cross-linked to anything, caught on mid stream:


(re)mix, (re)link, (re)organize



This is cool too.

My biggest takeaway is with increased access to information, people will gravitate to what is interesting rather than accessible. Popularity can increase independent or devoid of promotion, recency or location.


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One Response to “The Way Things Were and New News”

  1. New News Part 2 « If not, toss it. Says:

    […] I agree- It could operate as a sort of google search in reverse. Rather than a clean slate search, publishers find an issue and see where they can build outward, evolve the topic or point of view. The bigger idea is a story is never told and concluded, it changes and grows based on the interest of the reader. After all we know things are changing. […]

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